Film, Fashion, Food, and Fun — The Fab Four


I decided to start a new series of posts focusing on my tagline. “Film, Fashion, Food, and Fun” to stay updated on the new trends on the internet and in the film world. Having a segment of each part of the tagline. This time I’m starting with Blake Lively in Gucci–

Ahem, look at her! Stunning! I love this dress. Can we have it? Pretty Please?





Next, I know I am a little late to the game but man oh man was Dallas Buyer’s Club a really fantastic film. This is a good Friday Night Flick if you are in search of one. Such a great story I was into it the whole time Matthew McConaughey deserved the Oscar, he really did. I’ve been on a McConaughey kick since True Detective ( I mean, haven’t we all?) another good watch for the whole weekend.







GOLD, GLITTER, DONUTS! Yum…and definitely fabulous…and YOU can make them! Need I say more?








Last but surely not the least: Tea Cup Candles! These are so pretty. I am putting them on the list of things to make ASAP.  Seems to me a fun DIY project. :)








Dallas Buyers Club//Picture found off Google (It is out on Redbox and OnDemand right now)

Blake Lively in Gucci// Found off of Pinterest

Golden Glitter Donuts // Found also off of Pinterest. Here’s the link to the How to:

Tea Cup Candles DIY //


xoxo Syd



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