New Orleans Dreaming


I have been absolutely craving to take a trip to New Orleans. It has been in the back of my mind all year how bad I want to go visit. I really want to enjoy some coffee at Cafe Du Monde, walk down the French Quarter, eat spicy Jumbalaya, and listen to some amazing Jazz music. I started watching The Originals on the CW network and it just fueled my New Orleans fire even more.


I am a city girl which means I am up for any opportunity to go visit a new city. If it is in the south too, even better, because it’s closer to my home. The mixture of spicy foods, good music and don’t forget good coffee, a city that never sleeps, lives in the south, and hosts a new array of T.V shows…count me in.

Burdened however by my responsibilities I have not been able to make a trip to New Orleans this year. It has only been New Orleans dreaming for this girl. So I compiled a list, a mixture of New Orleans themed things to keep the dream going. Might as well study up before traveling to a new city.


First, Cafe Du Monde. Man oh man what a place. I can not wait to go and have some coffee there. I have been to Paris, France and experienced the baking wonders of the world before but yet have not been to Cafe Du Monde. My mom buys coffee from Cafe Du Monde and it is delicious. Can’t imagine how nice it will be fresh! Cafe Du Monde is the home to Beignet’s a delicious treat of powdered sugar and doughy goodness. You can buy the mix off the Cafe Du Monde Website!

Here’s some photos of Beignet’s from this blog: IMG_3582

This photo was taken by not by the owner of this blog. Here is a link to the whole post

Ruche has a new vintage dress collection inspired by New Orleans. Take a look:

This is my favorite dress on the website:

Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 3.32.39 PMRUCHE New Orleans Theme dresses

Check out this Cajun Fried Tilapia and Cajun Chicken Pasta by Southern Living:


Yummy! You can make this at home. Not the same, I know, but better than no Cajun at all!

and for the drinks…this Ramos Gin Fizz looks delicious.


Did you know Ian Somerhalder was born in Covington, LA? Not too far from good ole’ New Orleans.


Another spinoff that is filmed in New Orleans you ask? How about Abcfamily’s Ravenswood:


If you’re in the Orlando/Winter Park area you should check out Tibby’s. The New Orleans Themed Restaurant.

I went here on NYE and it was really fun. Here are some photos I took:20140428-163006.jpg 20140428-162907.jpg 20140428-162805.jpg

hmm…I’ll visit you soon NOLA.

xoxo Syd



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