Bimini Mini-Vacation

Immediately after Chris winning the Juried Student Exhibition I packed up and spent the weekend in the Bahamas. Crazy, right?

In college I don’t see my family as much as I would like to so spending even two or three days with them is such a treat. My mom, my sister, our family girl friend and I all went to the Island of Bimini in the Bahamas. It was so much fun! We took a two hour boat from Miami to Bimini and spent two nights at a resort in Bimini. What a blast!




The boat ride was a long process although it only takes two hours to get to the Island after customs and the check in process it was much longer until we were on foreign soil (we were out of the country)! Some people were only ‘day trippers’ meaning they took the boat to spend the day in Bimini. I wouldn’t recommend this because it does take a long time getting on and off the boat to spent only 2-3 hours at the beach and then leave back to Miami. We got so much more out of spending the weekend there.


The resort had a casino, two pools one was an infinity pool and the other was called the yacht pool with cabanas and a swim up bar. We preferred the infinity pool because it was smaller and had a great restaurant next to it with an ahh-mazing view. It was really paradise.


The resort was beautiful all the houses everyone stayed in were pastels! It really fit the paradise vibe. The beach was there too filled with conch shells. Bimini is known for their conch and conch fritters (delicious)! So there were really remarkable shells everywhere on the beach. It was so surprising we thought maybe the resort people planted them there as a tourist trick? But they didn’t they were naturally washed up on shore, trust me you can feel it when you get in the water.


It felt like a whole spring break packed in three days. My mom’s coworker was also from Chicago celebrating her bachelorette party (go Kate)! So all of them were really fun to hangout with especially at the local bar called Big Johns. It was the place to go Saturday night everyone at the resort was talking about it being the place to go. It was off the resort which was fun because then we could explore a little more. The resort is lovely but its nice to soak in a little more culture. If I was there longer we would have spent more time outside of the resort. It was called Resort World Bimini and it was awesome don’t get me wrong but I love to explore other parts of places I travel.

1010136_10152312325033529_1132244608_n 1888711_10152312345563529_1133205379_n10012520_10152312345313529_1578629828_n

Next time we would get a golf cart for the day. I think that was a great idea we just didn’t think we’d need it. It’s only $75.00 a day. But if you are already planning to explore outside the resort the golf cart is a great deal because you are more likely to spend more money for a taxi then you would with the golf cart. Next time we will!

10156084_10152312344843529_1587041346_n 10155105_10152312326723529_1996140224_n 10154220_10152312342018529_283952957_n 10153286_10152312345303529_1113618002_n971009_10152312343518529_795572527_n1010004_10152312344348529_106165910_n1505434_10152312333728529_512675441_n1964881_10152312343293529_931187360_n(All of the photos above were taken by Robbi Bocinsky or using her camera. The rest are Iphone photos I took on my adventure.)


We also went swimming with sharks, yikes…without a cage…just us, the ocean, and some 5-6 foot sharkies below. This was super fun and easy to do on the island. We went to a shipwreck and swam underneath and around it. It was eerie but the sun was shining so it didn’t seem too bad. Then we went to a small spot filled with reef sharks! We just, jumped in and swam. They didn’t bother us and we didn’t bother them. We watched them swim around the reef as we snorkeled above. My sister loved it. She’s obsessed with sharks and loves to study them so she really enjoyed it. Too bad the Gopro was down or else it would’ve been some good footage to post but we have a few pics. Kate, our bachelorette, loves sharks too and she got to watch bull sharks and hammerheads in a cage for a half hour. Wow! Scary for sure…but worth it.


The drinks were great too. They were definitely strong. If you don’t like rum, don’t come here. Don’t go to any island…especially south of Miami.

20140408-004128.jpg 20140408-004049.jpg 20140408-004033.jpg 20140408-004143.jpg

Everyone was kind! This is extremely important for a good trip. Sometimes tourists are frowned upon and are disappointed by the place they travel to because of the people who live wherever they are visiting. I think it’s because everyone else’s life continues to run whether you are on vacation or not so often times people can be bitter. But here everyone was kind and relaxed. It helped me relax. Not only were the kind but they were excited to be there whether or not they were working. It gave a nice sense of unity to the trip.

20140408-003126.jpg 20140408-003113.jpg 20140408-003045.jpg 20140408-003025.jpg20140408-003013.jpg 20140408-003001.jpg 20140408-002949.jpg 20140408-002938.jpg

It was an overall great experience so refreshing to have a travel break in the middle of the semester! I loved Bimini, really it was so wonderful I will definitely go back 100%. I crave to travel and now I’m already planning the next trip.

20140408-004213.jpg 20140408-003948.jpg 20140408-004238.jpg 20140408-004225.jpg

Hope you all had a great Spring Break whether it had been only a day or two or a whole week!

xoxo Sydney

(Most of the photos were taking by my family friend Robbi Bocinsky with a few Iphone photos I took.)


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