21st Birthday Festivities

Wow! What a hectic time it has been since my birthday. My 21st birthday was January 25th and I was lucky enough to have a mini vacation to South Beach for the weekend. So I thought I would share some pics from the exciting trip! Yay 21! I’m just excited to be 21.

Here are some pictures from the place where I had my first legal drink with Chris in South Beach. It’s a place called Wet Wellies, it was delicious, right on Ocean Dr. Miami, and yes I got carded!


We stayed at a real cute place called Starlite Hotel right next to the Johhny Rockets where the film ‘Scarface’ was shot. Pretty sweet, we managed to include something interesting about movies into the weekend. Here’s the staircase (we also ate there at 3 am).



We had dinner at this fancy placed called Cecconis. It was delicious and romantic with twinkle lights in the back yard. So intimate and pretty.


And some how we made it to a rooftop party! At the Clevelander Hotel. It was great :) just a little chilly but it’s January so it makes sense!


The next morning we lounged on the famous South Beach all day and it was so relaxing and fun! We got some drinks from Fat Tuesdays and we drank them on the beach. So thankful for the friends that celebrated my 21st with me. It was a good time and a nice little escape from reality. Hurray, I can have a beer! Very special thank you to Chris’s wonderful Mom for hemming my elegant dress. Enjoy the pictures!





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