Pretty Little Liars “Bite Your Tongue” Review



Pretty Little Liars!


Wow, this episode was fierce tonight. I had to write about it immediately. I think this is the best season yet.


First of all, finally we are given some answers. The last seasons have just thrown out there “possible” clues and then never really answered the results. Now, we all think A is Ezra and they are showing evidence that he very well may be! He is board shorts. He was sleeping with Ali before Aria. Am I just assuming this? I think so.


I’ve always been curious about why Aria found all that money in Ezra’s dresser. Was that ever answered? If so I can’t remember the answer. He was very defensive at that time too. It’s such a good twist that Ezra would be A or working for him/her. I still think Alison is the ultimate A or it’s her evil twin and Alison is really dead…


I will start with Emily. Last week we saw her get all dolled up for “Alison” in hopes of rekindling a romance even if it was for only one conversation. But the night turned sour quick when Spencer showed up trying to protect Emily.


I was rooting for Spencer. I’m always rooting for Spencer. Everyone should be, she is the best possible friend someone could have she’s always curious and will always hunt answers down. Letting nothing get in her way. She’s the kind of friend you want on your team.


Anyways, back to Emily. I understand lusting after a past love and I can’t imagine what that would be like if they came back from the dead. But, Emily was being naïve and could’ve been badly hurt. As always the girls get themselves in situations it’s difficult to get out of. I sympathize with Emily and want her to not be considered the “weak” one because she isn’t. None of the girls are. They are just sometimes naïve but hey, they are in high school. (allegedly).


Finally, in this episode someone else starts purposefully looking for answers. Like, Hanna. Go Hanna finally teaming up with Spencer trying to get some answers versus flirting with men or occupying her time with something as silly as school in the PLL world. Scary though she was drugged in a dentist chair and robbed oh and operated on! How freaky and suspenseful!


While this is happening Spencer is putting together a journal entry from Ali. She does get answers when she shows up at this mysterious bar where she runs into, you guessed it, EzrA. Bam! Conflict! And excitement I was reeling when I saw the beer said “Board Shorts Ale”. See what I mean, ANSWERS!



Lastly, Aria although not on the A train like her BFFs she is all the rage. Literally, raging at everyone. But I liked it. I like Aria sticking up for herself and going up to her boyfriends’ ex-high school lover and telling her off. It’s funny and kind of uncomfortable to watch. I’m living vicariously through Aria. She just says things as she sees them whether it is right or not. She still is kind and empathetic she just doesn’t put up with any crap. But we will see how she reacts when she finds out Ezra is A or even that Spencer has this hunch. Hopefully she doesn’t get all googly eyed and assume he has the right idea like she did in the last episode.


Pretty Little Liars is stepping it up and I am impressed. Go PLL! Suspenseful and fabulous all in one.


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