Don’t forget all new GIRLS is on this week. If you missed both last week’s episodes then keep reading, unless you don’t want this post to spoil it! Cough cough SPOILER ALERT!


Last week’s duo episodes went a little something like this: Hanna and Adam are definitely a ‘thing’ waking up next to each other (loved that the intro was the same as the last two season’s just with someone else each time how cute!), Shoshanna is floating around sleeping with other college kids in dorms, Marnie is moving into some ‘shitbox’ in New York after spending a brief period living with her mother obsessing about Charlie and her mother is just not having it, while Jessa has been in rehab and doesn’t make many friends there.


Hannah is looking cuter and way more happy. It’s nice seeing Adam take care of her. Everyone wants that at some point in their life. Especially after a breakdown like Hannah’s in the last episode of season two. But it also kind of feels like Adam is pulling the heavy weight while Hannah either can’t or doesn’t feel it is necessary. I’m thinking this way because of Shoshanna’s comment to Adam that it’s really great he has nothing going on in his life and he can just be around Hannah all the time. (Kinda like a reflection of Ray in Shosh’s mind that whole ‘not going anywhere’ phobia and stuff). Adam with his quick wit explains Hannah is his best friend and that was the cutest. But ironically not seeing that partnership quite yet in their characters. Not that it’s too far away. Their relationship seems to be going in that direction, finally! After one season of Hannah pinning Adam and another with Adam pinning after Hanna. Funny we got to see Adam’s ex in that awkward but hilarious encounter. She is really beautiful and I found their relationship to be both beautiful and sad. It made me really sad for their characters but they just didn’t fit quite like Adam and Hanna.


Hannah’s best line: “I feel like there’s just no room back here for me to express myself”


I’m so happy to see Shosh more in the past two episodes. She really carried the show even though the episodes were not all about her. In the scene with Hanna and Shosh on the floor next to the vending machine that dialogue felt very real, almost too real! Just the denial of someone close being an addict. It comes across that everyone thinks Jessa is this super cool free spirit that does whatever she wants in life and she is so so so cool for it. But it’s deeply troubling because she has big psychological issues she needs to work out and denial from other people of her trying to work on these problems is not cool. Which is clearly what Shosh is going through and Hanna was trying to explain that to her.


Shosh’s best line: “Basically it’s been a very sexually adventurous time for me. I’m alternating nights of freedom with nights of academic focus. So at the end of my senior year I will have had both experiences while also still being super well prepared for the professional world”



I’ll bring the next segment of this post into Jessa. It is clear Jessa is an addict. And this should not be taken lightly, at least I don’t think so. I’m proud of her character for going to rehab. But it didn’t last long. It was also another sad part when the man she had been confiding in (an older English lad) had said he knew all along they would have sex. I was hoping as I watched this episode those two wouldn’t have sex. It’s too freudian and predictable. I felt sad because that’s not the relationship Jessa saw it as and quite possibly could have felt violated after the man said he knew they would eventually have sex. Jessa counters it and says to him they were never going to have sex. Go Jessa! Sticking up for yourself and not having sex with everyone you meet. But then again there was that one incident where she got kicked out of rehab for having pity lesbian sex.


Jessa’s best line: “So I basically pity fucked Laura the lesbian”


Marnie was her usual self unhappy as ever. Especially with no more Charlie in the picture. Living with her mother can’t be a bonus for Marnie. Once her mother keeps haggling her to get over it. It’s not that easy, Mom. Not much to recap for Marnie other than that she wasn’t really in either of the episodes. We will most likely see more of her next week.


Marnie’s best: Can’t remember one but it was definitely in the scene with Marnie on the phone to Hanna!



What did everyone think??lena-dunham-03_17175262311

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