What is in my make up bag?

Whats in your bag?Syd's make up bag

Recently, I have just discovered this wonderful cosmetic tool: primer. I know, I know it has been around for awhile but I just found out it works! I was given smashbox camera ready primer for Christmas and it works really well. I also was given lots of different make up necessities so I thought I would share the contents of my make up bag on the blog today.

inside make up bag Brushes!

Now I am no beauty expert but these brands are working well for me now so maybe you will see something new that will work for you too. That and well the natural light in these photos looked so good I had to post them!

Makeup glamMakeup//creativeculture


I have been using Ulta brand eyeshadow, Stilla eyeshadow (“In the Light”) which looks ultra glam, Francesca’s bronzer, Covergirl mascara brown and black, Smashbox purple lipstick, L’oreal liquid eyeliner, Covergirl blush, and all sorts of lip gloss’s.



What are your favorite brands?


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