Caprese Pizza Recipe

Around this time of year the easiest recipes can be the most helpful. That is why I wanted to experiment making my own caprese pizza! It was a delicious success. It looks a little festive too with the green basil, red sauce, and white mozzarella. Perfect for this time of year.


yummy pizza pizza

Ingredients include:

6 Leaves of Fresh Basil (or more, less)

2 Plum Tomatoes

1/2 a stick of Mozzarella

Pizza Dough

1 Tbsp of Olive Oil

1 Teaspoon of pasta sauce (yes, pasta sauce)

IMG_1138DUPIMG_1136DUP      (Cat not included!)

We rolled out the dough and it seemed too thin. We were worried it would be a problem once we baked it but it luckily didn’t affect the taste. We used a rectangular baking sheet but a round sheet of course would be better.


Preheat the oven to 400F. Roll out the dough in whatever shape you prefer. Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. I cut the basil thinly and also left big leaves on the pizza. Once the dough is rolled out (some pizza weights might help hold it down, if you don’t have them it’s okay we didn’t use them either) drizzle olive oil. Then a very thin layer of pasta sauce on the dough. We prefer pasta sauce because all the pizza sauce we buy is usually too thick, sweet, and pasty. Then add a layer of tomatoes, after place the mozzarella chunks onto the pizza and add basil last. After the oven is preheated place the pizza on a rack to bake for 25 minutes on 400F. Twenty five minutes was enough for our pizza it turned golden brown. We left it out to cool for five minutes and it was delish!


We also had a side of yellow squash, and zucchini squash that we cooked in the skillet on medium high. All we added was butter, salt, pepper and if that doesn’t help some olive oil will make it cook easily.



Happy Winter!



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