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I have decided to start a weekly segment of posts of “Film” quotes. In undergraduate film school there is a numerous amount of articles to read each and every week. Which I love to read and write about they offer so much insight into cinema. I learn about so many important writers or other artists who wrote theories of the cinema. I’m hoping by doing this weekly segment it will keep me motivated to read my articles and fully absorb the information.

This week in one of my film classes we read an article by Maxim Gorky called “The Kingdom of Shadows”. It’s a beautiful piece about watching the first films in the Lumiere’s restaurant in France. It is a cynical article about how Gorky thinks it’s strange this new scientific invention of the cinema was happening around him at the Lumiere’s restaurant/bar. Let me know what you think!


Last night I was in the Kingdom of Shadows. If only you knew how strange it is to be there. It is a world without sound, without colour. Everything there – the earth, the trees, the people, the water and the air – is dipped in monotonous grey. Grey rays of the sun across the grey sky, grey eyes in grey faces, and the leaves of the trees are ashen grey. It is not life but its shadows, it is not motion but its soundless spectre.”

-Maxim Gorky, (The Kingdom of Shadows 1895)


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