Pretty Little Liars is back!


PLL is back!


My guilty pleasure (well, one of the many) is Pretty Little Liars and today it’s back. At first, I only paid attention to the show because I loved the costumes of the Liars. The style of the show is very fresh and unique but yet consistent. Then I started actually enjoying the show and the mystery behind Alison’s murder. I still have no idea what happened! So I figured I’m not the only one who loves the show but gets lost every new episode. Especially after a long gap like this one. Watch out there are some spoilers in this post. That’s it, I am warning you now. TURN BACK NOW!


Okay, the last episode was the Halloween episode which was a cluster of Ravenswood and Pretty Little Liars. The most jaw dropping thing that happened with the Liars is that they found Ali. At least, I think it was Ali. It’s hard to tell if she’s still alive or has a secret twin and Ali is really dead this is only the twin? It’s confusing. For the most part it seemed like Ali was appearing to the Liars in her own flesh and blood.


Also the conflict with Ezra or should I say, EzrA? Ali was running from Ezra? Did they have a relationship? Did Ali swindle Ezra out of his trust funds and then went after her? If all this is true then why would Ezra be so wonderful to Aria?

Ashley-Benson-Troian-Bellisario-Shay-Mitchell-and-Lucy-Hale-of-Pretty-Little-LiarsNO they didnt

Is Ezra faking it to “A” like Toby or is he “A”? Which brings up the most important question of this show, WHO IS A? Will we be asking until the series finale? I think so. Could it be “A” was Ali herself all along? It’s difficult to tell who is the danger. “A” seems at times to help the Liars and other times hurt them. For the most part I think the message is to not keep secrets, to tell the truth. These girls make it seem necessary to lie to save themselves and others around them. How long can the charade last of the constant lying and then having “A” expose them?

PLL-Facebook-Spoilers rs_560x415-131017122059-1024.pll-halloween-special

I’m getting off track! Anyways, the rest of the episode consisted of Caleb staying in Rosewood while Hanna goes home with her friends. Hanna had a strange vision of the sisters in red which makes me wonder if Hanna is Ali’s sister or she’s just having a vision of sisters? Aria was separated from the rest of the group when they all went through a wind tunnel but luckily was found in the end. Ezra was ‘surprisingly’ in Rosewood to save the day for the Liars which was pretty suspenseful. Especially in the last minute of the episode Ezra drops the girls off and then goes back to see them because they have found Ali. Ali makes a gesture to shh! And says her classic line “Did you miss me?” Which ends on many questions to be answered. Hope this rant-analysis was some what helpful and brought some more questions to mind. Any other questions to discuss? Questions, ideas I missed? What do you think will happen next?


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