Only Snow I See is on WordPress

I’m not complaining! I’m not. I promise. I just wish it was colder. That being said however, I live in South Florida. So I don’t know why I have such high expectations. But I’m sweating in my jeans over here! It’s December 15th, can I get just a little breeze? I feel guilty even thinking that. Especially when people are literally dying in the cold across America.

It’s always difficult to appreciate where you are and where you are from though. I think that is my point of this post. I’m getting there, I promise.

I grew up in the sunshine state beating down on my skin. Every year, all year, non stop sunshine. Native Floridian. I’m the opposite of everyone else: when it rains I notice my mood go up and when it’s really bright outside I notice my mood go down. When it rains outside it’s like a new adventure day that I know will be exciting because hey it’s raining! But sometimes when the sun is so bright in the peak of the sky and all I can see is bright white reflections, I feel lethargic and want to go back inside my bed. It’s kind of funny how that works.

People are cringing reading this, I know. I know that people dread the long months of winter and that I have no idea how that must feel. I have no idea what it is like putting on five layers of clothes every time I walk outside. It makes me tired just thinking about it. But I can tell you about a nonstop summer that is my home. Sure, I love going to the beach and jumping in the pool. I get excited when I see the palm trees blowing in the wind. Can you imagine it year round? When the sun is so hot you need to drink a gallon of water to make it to the mailbox? Yeah well this is my home. I want snowball fights and being able to drink hot chocolate outside in a snow flurry. I would love to build a fire and watch the snowy evening end. I would love a nice pair of boots and some winter clothes to wear for a few months.

So next time you’re complaining about how cold outside it is, just remember there is someone in Florida complaining about how hot it is. All I can say is that we should appreciate where we are either way. Next time you see the snow fall and it’s the end of March, when you’re ready for it to be warm outside,  just remember I am looking at the palm trees in the restless sun wishing it was cold for once. But I’ll be thinking that some northern would do anything to be in my flip flops with the palm trees so I should just enjoy it.

On that note, here’s some pictures of Chris and I at the beach this week. In sunny December…


The sea delivered us a bottle but no message in it ;(




We walked around admiring Christmas trees too but it was so hot outside I couldn’t even smell them. At work today we got evergreens so I took a scrap and kept smelling it all day.



xoxo Sydney (photos were edited with A Beautiful Mess App)


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