Pure Heroine Album Review


Lorde’s New Album

Lorde braids

Lorde is a lyrical genius. I believe this because she is so young and her music is so poignant. If you think “Royals” is good, you’ll “get the present of your dreams” with the rest of her album. If you do not like “Royals” it’s most likely because the radio played it too much not because it is not a good song.

Lorde pure heroine album

The album is titled “Pure Heroine”. At first I disliked this title not liking how close it was referring to heroin but after confirming it’s probably mostly about being a pure heroine/hero it grew on me. After all I am a feminist. That being said this album is not just for the girls, it’s for boys too, in fact its for all teenagers. I think they should listen to it instead of all that other crap on the radio. Pure Heroine speaks to my teenage soul, well to the teenager inside my soul.

The album’s theme of class systems and wanting to be number one while still being young is the best lyrics for my (our) generation. I’ll give you an example: “I’ll let you in on something big: I am not a white teeth teen. I tried to join but never did. The way they are the way the seem. It’s something else, it’s in the blood. Their molars blinking like the lights in the underpass where we all sit and do nothing and love it” (White Teeth Teen, Pure Heroine). Captures a piece of the teenage boredom everyone faces while trying to be so much like the kids who are above all successful and powerful.


Lorde expresses her desire to become well known in the music world and that she understands what she is getting into by having such big dreams. It’s extremely inspiring. Especially because she is sixteen and can voice so poetically her emotions and observations of the world. She gives teenagers a good name.

Lorde pretty curls

Ribs is my favorite song. My favorite song of the whole year. I can’t tell how many times I’ve listened to it. How nostalgic I feel when she croons the verse “mom and dad let me stay home/it drives you crazy getting old”. And I just don’t know why it makes me want to hug my parents and take pictures of all my friends. But I want to hold the song like a photograph and hang it up on my wall looking at it before I go to sleep. “But that will never be enough” laughing until our ribs get tough will never be enough to preserve the nights we had the minds we had. The message of the whole song is potent.

Lorde with dog

How smart to have the last verse of the album answer the first verse’s question: “Don’t you think it’s funny how people talk?” (Tennis Court) “Let em’ talk” (A World Alone).


Lorde cartoon

My favorites go in this order (I love them all so much):


White Teeth Teens

A World Alone

400 Lux

Still Sane

Buzzcut Season


Glory and Gore


Tennis Court

Lorde blowing hair in the wind

I desperately want to listen to another album. I want her to make another one already so I can have some more decent music to listen to. Will that spoil this album though? I don’t think she will be a one hit wonder because her album speaks volumes. I know there is more to be said and that she wants to say more in her poetic verses about the struggles one faces coming of age.

Lorde outfit

Let me know what you think! Is it a worth a listen? Do you absolutely love it too or hate it?


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