Anyone else as excited as I am for January? (I’m excited because it’s my birthday, among other things). The other things being the Season 3 premiere of GIRLS on January 12th, 10pm on HBO. Not only is it the first episode of the season but it’s two whole episodes back to back. That’s right. Back to back. Due to my Netflix syndrome of excessively watching shows I love when a show plays back to back. Especially when it’s two episodes I’ve never seen before at the beginning of a season. What a gift. They knew better at the home of GIRLS that their audience needed two episodes immediately following the months without my GIRLS.


The season 2 finale is hard even for me to remember at this point. This only means I need to binge watch the show while everyone is starting their New Years Resolutions probably working out. You’ll be able to find me on HBO go in my apartment for a few friday nights. Thanks Mom for the HBO go password ;). Or I will be social and make a GIRLS a thon party to enjoy every witty moment with all my girls.


This next season looks very promising. The trailer shows all of our favorite characters (except Charlie but whatevs). That’s what I loved most. I want to see more Shoshana, Adam, and Ray. All the other characters are equally wonderful to watch. I mention these names only because it seems they were only very minor characters in last season’s run.


Shoshana looks like she is ready to give Ray a real chance after her seemingly wild nights experimenting with different men. Okay we get it Shosh, you had to get it out of your system. But what about Ray? He loved her so much and she loved him so much. It’s hard to believe it’s that easy for anyone to walk away because they are suddenly disinterested. Shosh just wanted to experiment but hopefully she didn’t lose her love along the way. Hopefully she can give him her full attention and accept him for who he is, I’m no shrink but that seems to be their relationships’ issue.


Jessa does some self reflecting after finding out a friend faked her death so she didn’t have to ‘hang’ with Jessa anymore. First of all, who does that? Honestly, Jessa was that much of a burden that her friend had to fake her death? We will just have to see with that episode. Hopefully Jessa won’t run off again but we all know she will. That episode with Jessa’s father last season was so good and deep into who she Jessa really is and the struggle she has facing herself. Even though that’s what Jessa is all about: being confident and free. But with that comes consequences of course.


Marnie seems to be her usual self deprecating self. Is that because no more Charlie or no job? We’ll just have to see. It’s probably because there’s no more Charlie. Especially after ending last season with her and Charlie getting back together. We all know they must be torn apart in order for Marnie’s character to grow. Even though the actor that plays Charlie left the show I think it’s probably the best thing for Marnie as a character.


Hanna, oh hanna. Finally going to love Adam this season? After you fought so hard for him and then decided you wanted sexual freedom and nothing to do with him. Is it because he got hit by a car in the street for you? He was too much of a buzz kill? We waited so long for you two to be together for two seasons hopefully we can enjoy some of the Adam-Hanna love (Adanna? Hadam? What’s their relationship name?). Please Lena let us just enjoy those two together!


All that being said. I am ready for January. January 12th 10pm on HBO watching GIRLS with my girls. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to next semester Lena, Jenni, and Judd…(clearly on a first name basis). Can’t wait!

Xoxo Sydney

(Images taken off of Google. Video from Youtube)

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