My Favorite Apps

All my favorite free apps in one place! Here’s a list of my favorite free apps to try!

5. SnipSnap; This app is perfect for a budget. Coupons are always great money savers but they are easy to lose once you have them. That’s why SnipSnap is so great because it’s the free coupon in your pocket! You can alter the preferences so SnipSnap knows what stores you love in your area and the coupons you will need. Check it out!


4. Funrun; The app for competitive friends! This mobile game is so fun it consists of little animals running around throwing weapons to distract the other animals for first place. The little ‘runs’ to choose from are incredibly cute and so are the little animal characters. I love being the little fox. I saved up my winnings for my witch hat so I can run in style. It’s fun because I can play against my friends whether we are in the room together or not! 



3. PicLab; This app is a cool photo editor. You can add cool fonts to your photos as well as change the border. There are plenty of font apps to edit your photos with but there is just something easier about this one. The fonts are so interesting and not generic looking. You can use an old photo or take a new one on the app.


2. Wanelo; An online shoppers paradise. This app is extremely addicting for the online shopper. Not only does it include new clothes but also many little funny knickknacks to buy that are just too cute to resist. Want, Need, and Love this app!


1. Instagram; Instagram will always be my favorite app ever. I love that you can share awesome photos with friends and family. The filters are all unique making every filter change the image into something new altogether. I have a difficult time choosing which filter is the best for which image and what it will convey for the viewer (this is my existential dilemma for sure). My favorite is the first filter, Amaro, I just love that simple clean look it seems to give the image every time. For the people who are still apprehensive to download Instagram: Why apprehensive? It’s extremely fun and encourages more people to take photos and share. Just because it is a social networking site doesn’t mean it is all bad. Seriously, give it a whirl.


xoxo Sydney


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